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(Last updated: Aug 2017)
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Can I count engineering experience gained before my BS degree? The Board may allow up to one year of co­op experience obtained through a college or university sponsored co­op program as part of a four year engineering program. This experience must be documented on your transcript.
Can I get a temporary license? Temporary Permits are good for only 120 days from issue date. Applications for Temporary Permits take the same amount of time to process (6-8 weeks after application is received and COMPLETE).
How can I be listed as a Structural Engineer? An engineer that has passed the Structural I exam is listed as a Civil Engineer. An engineer that has passed both the Structural I and II exams by October 2010 is listed as a Structural (SE) and a Civil (CE) Engineer. Beginning with the April 2011 exams, passing the 16 hours of Lateral and Vertical Forces exams will qualify an engineer to be listed as a Structural (SE) Engineer.
How do I know if you received my application? We will send an e-mail to the address provided on your application to let you know we have received your application. If you do not receive this e-mail within one week after submitting your application please contact our office.
How long do I have to pass the Structural Lateral and Vertical Forces exams? You must pass both components, the 16 hours of lateral and vertical forces, within a five year window. You can take both components in one exam administration; however, you cannot be listed as a Structural Engineer until you pass both components.
How long will it take to process my application? Standard processing time is 6-8 weeks once your application is COMPLETE. Applications with NCEES records are processed within 4-6 weeks once the application is COMPLETE.
I have moved since my last communication with the Board. How can I update my contact information? You can complete the Online Contact Information Update Module to ensure that you receive all correspondence from the Board (User ID/Password required).
I passed the Fundamentals of Engineering examination while I was in college. When will I receive my certification as an Engineer Intern? You must complete the Application for Certification as an Engineering Intern . Upon graduation, please request an official copy of your college transcripts showing the engineering degree and date conferred. Per Rule 1701C, transcripts must be issued directly to LAPELS from your college or university.
If I am applying by comity am I required to verify all experience? Please verify at least the last 8-10 years of experience. (Exam applicants must have ALL engineering experience verified).
If I am applying with a NCEES records, what other documents am I required to submit for review? You will need to complete online an Application for Licensure as a Professional Engineer with NCEES Records, the required quizzes, and the application fee.
If I take an exam; when will I receive my exam results? You will be notified by NCEES 6-8 weeks after the exam.
Is a credential evaluation required for my foreign BS degree if I have a MS or PhD degree from a US ABET program? Yes, all applicants must provide a credential evaluation from an approved provider. This is required of all applicants with a foreign non – ABET BS degree, regardless of any advanced degrees, (US Masters or US Ph.D.) obtained in the US.
May I have the FE exam waived? No, the Board requires the FE and the PE exam for all engineering applicants.
What are the deadlines for filing an application to take CBT exams? CBT exams are administered on a rolling basis; therefore, there is no longer a deadline to submit an application for these exams.
What are the deadlines for filing an application to take the PE or SE exam? Our deadlines are June 1 for the October exam and December 1 for the April exam. http://www.lapels.com/Exdeadlines.html
What are the requirements for registration or certification in Louisiana? Please see 37:693 in the Laws and Chapter 9 of the Rules of the Board.
What do you mean by “Applications must be typewritten”? Handwritten applications are not acceptable.
What is Model Law designation? Model Law Designations—MLE, MLSE, MLS—indicate to state licensing boards that your education, experience, and examinations meet the NCEES Model Law requirements.
What is needed for an application to be considered COMPLETE? You must read and thoroughly understand the forms and the accompanying instructions, before completing the forms. Do not leave any section blank; state “not applicable" or “none,” if that is the case. The staff will review all documents submitted and notify you of deficiencies or if additional information is requested by the board.
What is the application deadline for PE Exams that have converted to Computer Based Testing? There is no deadline for the PE Exam that have converted to CBT.
What is the application deadline? June 1 for the October Exam and December 1 for the April Exam. The application must be in the LAPELS office by the application deadline.
Will you accept my exam application after the deadline? Yes, but applications are processed in the order received. Once all “on time” applications have been processed, if time allows, we will process late applications. If we cannot get to your application in time for the current exam cycle, it will be processed for the next exam cycle.