Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board
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(Last updated: Jul 2018)

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How do I change the name of my firm? If the firm only wishes to change the name it uses to offer professional services in Louisiana, it must complete an Application to Change Firm Name and submit to the Board. However, if the firm has changed its organizational status, it must apply to register a new (different) firm.
How do I register a firm? Complete the Waiver Request Form and Online Firm Application. See Chapter 23 of the Rules of the Board.

Please note that the Supervising Professional must have current quiz scores for the Louisiana Laws and Rules quiz, the Professionalism and Ethics quiz within the last 2 calendar years. Land Surveyors must also have current quiz scores for the Standards for Practice for Boundary Surveys. The required quizzes can be sent to LAPELS by email or with the Application for Firm Licensure.
I took the Louisiana Laws and Rules, the Ethics Quiz (and/or the Standards for Practice for Boundary Surveys for land surveyors) when I became licensed in Louisiana. I was instructed to retake the quizzes if I wish to be the supervising professional of a new firm or to reinstate an expired firm license. Is this necessary? The Board requires that any Supervising Professional who is qualifying a firm for licensure retake quizzes if they do not have current quiz scores within the past 2 calendar years.
Must your business be licensed by the board? If you are offering engineering and/or land surveying services, yes, your business must be licensed by the Board and registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office. You can find more information here: https://www.lapels.com/docs/Applications/firm/Chapter_23_Firms.pdf
My firm will no longer be working in Louisiana. Am I responsible for notifying the Board of this fact? Yes. Any firm licensed with the Board is responsible for keeping the Board informed about the firm’s desired status, contact information and if the firm loses their Supervising Professional. The board can be notified by email or by mail from an authorized employee of the firm.

Although one of the duties of a Supervising Professional is to make sure the firm is operating within the Louisiana Law and Rules it is ultimately the firm who will be held responsible for firm violations.