Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board
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Last updated: Apr 2018

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Can you refer me to an Engineer or Land Surveyor in a particular area of the state? The Board cannot refer business to registrants. Aside from the Yellow Pages, you could contact the professional surveying and engineering societies:

LA Engineering Society
9643 Brookline Ave Ste 116
Baton Rouge LA 70809-1433
(225) 924-2021 - Fax (225) 924-2049

Brenda Gajan, Executive Director
LA Society of Professional Land Surveyors
9643 Brookline Ave Ste 108
Baton Rouge LA 70809-1433
(225) 925-5800 - Fax (225) 925-5802

Liz Kearney, Executive Administrator
How can I find out the status of my registration? The Board stopped issuing pocket cards in 2005. For proof of registration for individuals, click here. For proof of registration for firms, click here. Input the appropriate search information such as the name or license number and click search. This will generate a list of the closest matches that have current registration. Click on the license number of the registrant whose status you are verifying. A detailed information page will be generated. At the bottom of that page, click the button, which says "View Status Verification". This will generate a PDF document with status information. You may print this document or save it to your computer.
How can I get a replacement for my Certificate of Registration? You may send a letter requesting a duplicate certificate with a $30.00 duplication fee.
How do I get a list of the registrants of the Board? You can complete the Roster Request Form.

Prices for lists are $100 for the first 1000 names ($100 minimum charge) and $100 for each additional 1000 names.

The list will include licensee name, address, status, discipline, and expiration date. If you have any questions, please contact Bill at 225-925-6291.

A listing of all registrants is online. See the lists of Registered Individuals and Firms.
How much is your fee for verification of my registration to another state or agency? There is no fee to verify a registration or examination. You can request a verification at this link: http://www.lapels.com/Verifications.html
How often is The Louisiana Engineer & Surveyor Journal published? The newsletter is published quarterly in February, May, August and November.
All active, inactive, and retired licensees will receive a copy of the newsletter. Interns receive a link via e-mail. The Louisiana Engineer and Surveyor Journal, is a joint publication of the Board and the Louisiana Engineering Society (LES).
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If a registrant is deceased, what steps do I take to notify your office? Formally (by letter or fax) notify the Board of the registrant's death. If possible, provide a copy of the registrant’s Certificate of Death, or a copy of an obituary from the newspaper.
Registration Class Abbreviations / PE Discipline Codes

Registration Class Abbreviations

Professional Engineer
Professional Land Surveyor
Engineer Intern
Land Surveyor Intern
Engineering Firm
Land Surveying Firm

PE Discipline Codes

AG Agricultural ME Mechanical
AR Architectural MI Mining or Mineral
CH Chemical MT Metallurgical
CE Civil MU Manufacturing
CS Control Systems NAME Naval Architecture & Marine
EE Electrical & Computer NU Nuclear
ECE Electrical and Computer PT Petroleum
EV Environmental ST Structural *
FP Fire Protection SW Software
IE Industrial
* An engineer that has passed the Structural I exam is listed as a Civil Engineer. An engineer that has passed both the Structural I and II exams by October 2010 or beginning with the April 2011 exams, the 16 hours of Lateral and Vertical Forces is listed as Structural (ST) and a Civil (CE) Engineer.