Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board


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Section 705 -- Meetings
Section 709 -- Executive Director
Section 903 -- Professional Engineer Licensure
Section 1301 -- General
Section 1305 -- Approval to Take the Examination in the Principles and Practice of Engineering
Section 1309 -- Approval to Take the Examinations in the Principles and Practice of Land Surveying and in the Louisiana Laws of Land Surveying
Section 1311 -- Examination for Record Purposes
Section 1313 -- Examination Results
Section 1315 -- Re-Examinations
Section 1509 -- Experience at Time of Application
Section 1901 -- Disciplines
Section 2103 -- Licensure and Certification Status
Section 2301 -- General
Section 2305 -- Supervising Professional
Section 2501 -- Scope; Knowledge; Definition of Licensee
Section 3109 -- Exemptions
Section 3115 -- Record Keeping
Section 3117 -- Audit and Review of Records

Notice of Intent published on April 20, 2021

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UPDATE (05/12/2021): The summary report required by La. R.S. 49:968(D)(1)(b) in connection with the Board’s Notice of Intent published in the Louisiana Register on April 20, 2021 at pages 538-543 was delivered to the Senate and House Transportation, Highways & Public Works Committees, the President of the Louisiana State Senate and the Speaker of the Louisiana House of Representatives on May 11, 2021.