Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board

  • A series of maps displaying registered license types and numbers by Parish.
  • Numbers are real-time, and reflect number of ACTIVE licensees only
  • Use the navigation bar at the bottom to advance to other maps displaying individual license type breakouts by Parish
  • Use your mouse wheel while hovering over map outside Louisiana to scroll in and out, or use the magnification bar at the bottom. Left-click with your mouse and hold on map to move map around.
  • Click the rectangular icon to the right of the magnification bar to view maps in full screen
  • Map 1 - Density of registered licensees across parishes. Hover over parish to see total number of registered licensees (firms and individuals) and breakdown by license type.
    • Legend at top shows color-coded density of licenses across Louisiana parishes, from lowest to highest. Parishes of same color indicate same number of overall licensees registered. Click the arrow at far right of legend to see higher numbers
  • Maps 2-7: parishes are assigned same color for easy reference. Parishes without a color indicate no registered licensees of that license type
    • Map 2 - Engineer Interns
    • Map 3 - Professional Engineers
    • Map 4 - Land Surveyor Interns
    • Map 5 - Professional Surveyors
    • Map 6 - Engineering Firms
    • Map 7 - Surveying Firms