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Can I count engineering experience gained before my BS degree? The Board may allow up to one year of co­op experience obtained through a college or university sponsored co­op program as part of a four year engineering program. This experience must be documented on your transcript, included on your NCEES record and verified by your supervising PE. Experience, COOP, CO-OP, BS, Degree
How can I be listed as a Structural Engineer? An engineer that has passed the Structural I exam is listed as a Civil Engineer. An engineer that has passed both the Structural I and II exams by October 2010 is listed as a Structural (SE) and a Civil (CE) Engineer. Beginning with the April 2011 exams, passing the 16 hours of Lateral and Vertical Forces exams will qualify an engineer to be listed as a Structural (SE) Engineer. Structural, Engineer, Civil, Lateral, Vertical, Exam, Listed, How
How long do I have to pass the Structural Lateral and Vertical Forces exams? You must pass both components, the 16 hours of lateral and vertical forces, within a five year window. You can take both components in one exam administration; however, you cannot be listed as a Structural Engineer until you pass both components. Structural, Engineer, Lateral, Vertical, Exam, Hours, How long
Is a credential evaluation required for my NON-EAC/ABET BS degree if I have a MS or PhD degree from a US ABET program? Yes, all applicants must provide an NCEES credential evaluation.   This is required of all applicants with a non – ABET BS degree or non engineering degree, regardless of any advanced degrees. Credential, Evaluation, NCEES, ABET, Degree
How do I qualify as an ACT 2 applicant? If you qualify as an ACT 2 applicant, you have an EAC/ABET Engineering degree, plus the NCEES PE exam or is approved to take a PE exam, plus 20 years of verified progressive engineering experience. ACT 2, EAC, ABET, Engineering, NCEES, PE, Exam, Experience, How
May I have the FE exam waived? If you qualify as an ACT 2 applicant, you have an EAC/ABET Engineering degree, plus the NCEES PE exam or is approved to take a PE exam, plus 20 years of verified progressive engineering experience. Waive, ACT 2, EAC, ABET, Engineering, NCEES, PE, Exam, Experience
I passed the Fundamentals of Engineering examination while I was in college. When will I receive my certification as an Engineer Intern? You must submit an application for EI Certification at https://lola.lapels.com and have your university send an official transcript to NCEES to be verified on your MyNCEES account.  FE Certification, Fundamental, University, Transcript, NCEES, Intern, Engineer
Do I have to be certified as an EI to take the PE exam? No, but your MyNCEES dashboard must have a passing FE score and verification of your EAC/ABET BS engineering degree FE certification, NCEES, EAC, ABET, Engineering, Degree, Intern, EI
How do I create an account through LOLA? Go to https://lola.lapels.com and select "Register" to create a new account. If you already have an account, you will be notified during the registration process. Create, Account, LOLA, Register, How
How do I recover my User Name and password for LOLA? The LOLA system came online July 12, 2021, so all individuals and firms that have not signed in since July 12 will need to reset their password. Go to https://lola.lapels.com and select "Forgot Password." Contact accountrecovery@lapels.com if you do not have your User ID or your registered email has changed. Password, Recover, User Name, User ID, Recover, Account, How
I have moved since my last communication with the Board. How can I update my contact information? You'll need to log into LOLA  https://lola.lapels.com and change your contact information. Update, Contact, Address, Phone
If I take an exam; when will I receive my exam results? You will be notifed by NCEES 5-10 days after taking a CBT exam Exam, Results, NCEES, When
If I am applying by comity am I required to verify all experience? Please verify at least the most current last 10 years of experience.  Comity, Experience, Verify, Reciprocity
How long will it take to process my application? Standard processing time is 4-6 weeks once your application is COMPLETE. Process, Application, Time, How Long
Can I get licensed with a related science or technology degree? You cannot obtain a licensed if your only degree is a TAC/ABET degree.  However, you may be able to obtain a license if you have met the requirements referenced in rules §903 (A) (2) and §1105.  You will also be required to obtain a credential evaluation from NCEES to ensure all educational standards are  met Related, Science, Technology, Degree, NCEES
Can I get a temporary license? Temporary Permits are good for only 120 days from the issue date.  You are encouraged to also submit a comity application at the same time as you submit a temporary permit application.  Applications for Temporary Permits take the same amount of time to process (4-6 weeks after application is received and COMPLETE). Temporary, Permit, License
Can I take the PE exam without the requisite experience? Yes.  You can register directly with NCEES to take the PE Exam without the requisite experience if you have a  passing FE score and verification of your EAC/ABET BS engineering degree on your MyNCEES dashboard. PE, Experience, Exam
What steps must I take to get the percentage of my grade? You would have to contact NCEES on this request. Exam, Score, Grade, What, Steps
What is Model Law designation? You have met the following criteria:  (1) an EAC/ABET engineering degree; (2) verification of passing both NCEES exams, the FE and the PE; (3) you have 4 years of progressive engineering experience, under the supervision of a PE; and (4) you have no disciplinary action with your professional license in any jurisdiction. Model Law, MLE, MLS, What
How can I review the exam specifications for the Louisiana Laws of Land Surveying Exam? https://lsps.starchapter.com/Suggested_References Louisiana, Laws, Land, Surveying, Exam, Specifications. How
How can I obtain a copy of the Compendium of Louisiana and Federal Laws Relating to Land Surveying? https://www.lapels.com/docs/Compendium/ls_comp.pdf Compendium, Land Surveying, PLS, Surveyor, How
Is there a list of approved surveying courses? https://www.lapels.com/docs/applications/ps/Approved_Courses.pdf Approved, List, Courses, PLS, Survey, License
How much is your fee for verification of my registration to another state or agency? There is no fee to verify a registration or examination.  You can request a verification at this link:  https://www.lapels.com/Verifications.html Fee, Verification, Registration, State, Agency, How
How often is The Louisiana Engineer & Surveyor Journal published? The newsletter is published quarterly in February, May, August and November.  The Jounal is a joint publication of the Board and the Louisiana Engineering Society (LES).  Electronic copies can be found here:  https://www.lapels.com/journal.html Journal, When, Published, How often
Who are the LAPELS board members? https://www.lapels.com/board_meeting.html LAPELS, Board, Member, Who
How can I find out the dates for LAPELS board meetings? https://www.lapels.com/board_meeting.html LAPELS, Board, Meeting, How
What is meant by 'designs buildings and/or building systems'? Chapter 3105 addresses requirements for an engineer who designs buildings and/or building systems and includles this definition: "the design of and/or specifications for any component of any building and/or building system including but not limited to architectural engineering design, site work, foundations, structural, electrical, mechanical, fire protection system, communications and associated appurtenances." Building, Design, Systems, What
How many CPD hours does a professional engineer have to earn? A PE is required to obtain a minimum of 15 CPD hours each calendar year, January - December. One of these hours must be in professional ethics. If the PE designs buildings and/or building systems, four of the CPD hours must be in life safety and/or ADA compliance courses. PE, Engineer, CPD, PDH, How
How many CPD hours does a professional land surveyor have to earn? A PLS is required to obtain a minimum of 8 CPD hours each calendar year, January - December. One of these hours must be in professional ethics and one hour in the Standards of Practice of Boundary Surveying in Louisiana. PLS, Surveyor, CPD, PDH, How
Can I use excess CPD hours earned in one calendar year and carry forward to the next calendar year? A licensee can carry over a maximum of 7 CPD hours to the next calendar year. CPD, Carryover, Hours, Year
How many CPD hours can be earned in a 24 hour period? No more than 8 CPD hours can be earned in a 24 hour period CPD, Day, Hour, 24, Period, How
How do I know if the CPD hours earned are acceptable to LAPELS? Refer to Chapter 3103 (A): "Acceptable Activities include subject matter which is technical in nature or addresses business management practices, professional ethics, quality assurance, codes or other similar topics which facilitate the licensee's professional development as a professional engineer or professional land surveyor and/or serves to safeguard life, health and property and promote the public welfare. Any course/activity offered by a board-approved sponsor/provider will qualify as an acceptable activity. It will be the responsibility of the licensee to determine if the course/activity offered by an unapproved sponsor/provider is an acceptable activity." CPD, Approved, Acceptable, How
Where can I find a copy of the Laws and Rules of the Board? https://www.lapels.com/LawsRules.html Laws, Rules, Where
How can I file a complaint with the board concerning a violation of the laws and/or rules of the board? https://www.lapels.com/Enforcement/Affidavit.pdf File, Complaint, How
How can I file a public records request with LAPELS? https://www.lapels.com/docs/Roster_Request/public_records_form_AR.pdf Public, Records, File, How
How can I search for a licensee of the LAPELS Board? https://www.lapels.com/indivsearch/ Licensee, Search, PE, PLS, EI, LSI, Individual, How
How can I search for a licensed engineering and/or surveying firm? https://www.lapels.com/firmsearch/ Licensee, Search, Firm, EF, VF, How
My license has expired and I must show proof of having met the CPD requirements. How do I do that? You must submit the completed CPD Activity Log and all supporting documentation at the time you apply for reinstatement of your expired license. https://www.lapels.com/docs/CPD/CPD_Log_v2.pdf. Courses and certificates included with your CPD log must be for the 24 month period prior to submitting your application to reinstate your expired license. License, Expired, Renew, Reinstate, CPD, Log, Apply, Application, Reinstate, How
How do I create an account with NCEES? https://ncees.org/supplemental/launch-login/ NCEES, MyNCEES, Create, Account, How
How do I begin the process for a credential evaluation? https://ncees.org/records/ncees-credentials-evaluations/ NCEES, Credential, Evaluation, Begin, Process, How
How can I see exam specifications for the FE exam? https://ncees.org/engineering/fe/ FE, Exam, See, Specifications, NCEES, How
How do I know which FE exam to take? You may take any of the 7 FE Exam disciplines offered by NCEES. Most applicants will take the FE exam discipline that complements your engineer degree. https://ncees.org/engineering/fe/ FE, Exam, Which, NCEES, How
How can I see the specifications for the PE exam? https://ncees.org/engineering/pe/ PE, Exam, Specifications, NCEES, How
How can I see the exam specifications for the FS exam? https://ncees.org/surveying/fs/ FS Exam, PLS, Specifications, NCEES, How
How can I see the exam specifications for the PLS exam? https://ncees.org/surveying/ps/ PS, PLS, Exam, Specifications, NCEES, How
How do I add a supervising professional to my firm? Sign into into your firm's account using the firm user ID and password, go to the Supervising Professional link in the left menu, and add the name and license number of the supervising professional. Once added, the supervising professional will need to sign into their personal account, go to the Supervising Professional link in the left menu, and click "Accept" to the invitation sent by the firm. Clicking "Accept" indicates that they accept the role of supervising professional for your firm. Supervising, Professional, Add, Firm, How
How do I remove a supervising professional from my firm? Sign into your firm's account using the firm user ID and password, go to the Supervising Professional link in the left menu, and click "Deactivate" next to the name of the supervising professional that you wish to remove. Supervising, Professional, Remove, Firm, How
How much is the firm application fee? The application fee is $165.00 and is non-refundable. Application, Fee, Firm, How
What quizzes are required for the supervising professional to take? The designated supervising professional certifies that they have successfully completed the Board's online Louisiana Laws & Rules Quiz and the online Louisiana Professionalism & Ethics Quiz, both with a score of 90% or higher within the past two calendar years. If the firm is a Land Surveying firm, then the Supervising Professional will also have to certify that they have completed the online Louisiana Standards of Practice for Boundary Surveys Quiz with a score of 90% or higher within the past two calander years. Quiz, Supervising, Professional, Firm, What
What are the responsibilities of the supervising professional? 1. Renewal of the firm's license and notification to the Board of any change in the firm's supervising professionals.

2. The institution of and adherence to policies of the firm that are in accordance with the licensure laws and rules of the Board.

3. Ensure that all the professional services provided by the firm are performed by or under the responsible charge of licensed professionals.
Supervising, Professional, Responsibilites, Firm, Duties, Duty, Responsibility, What
How do I file a complaint? You may file a sworn affidavit of complaint, in which you specify the particular violation(s) that you believe to have occurred.

Although not required, you may also want to consider discussing any such affidavit with an attorney. It is suggested that you utilize one of the following affidavit forms:

https://www.lapels.com/Enforcement/Licensees.pdf, or
Complaint, Violation, Affidavit of Complaint, File, How
How do I obtain a Certificate of Authority? Your firm must register with the LA Secretary of State to obtain the Certificate of Authority COA, Certificate of Authority, SOS, Secretary of State, SOS, Register, Firm, How
If I am the Supervising Professional and I leave my firm, what is the timeframe for me reporting it to LAPELS? You should inform LAPELS within 30 days of your departure Supervising Professional, Departure, Firm, Leave, What
Does LAPELS require a Registered Agent? No, LAPELS does not require a Registered Agent. The LA Secretary of State requires a Registered Agent Registered Agent, Require, Secretary of State, SOS
Is the Supervising Professional required to be a licensee of the Board? Yes, please see Rule 2305. Supervising Professional, License, Licensed, Register, Required, PE, PLS, Engineer, Surveyor
How long will it take to process my firm application Standard processing time is 1-2 weeks once your application is COMPLETE Application, Processing, Time, Application, Firm, How long
How do I submit an application for my firm? Go to https://lola.lapels.com and click "Register", then select "Business" to create the firm's account Register, Account, Firm, Registration, LOLA, Submit, How
Can I take over the work of another licensee or other design professional? Yes.  However, you must put the prior licensee or design professional on notice in writing.  Stamping, sealing, responsible charge, Take over, Assume, Responsibility, Another
Is it acceptable to use an electronic seal? Yes, provided that the seal, signature, and date of the licensee are transmitted in a secure mode that precludes the seal, signature and date being reproduced or modified. Seal, Electronic, Acceptable, Use
Is it my responsibility to notify the Board if I am no longer going to be a Supervising Professional of a firm? Yes, it is the responsibility of a firm’s supervising professional to notify the Board in any change in the firm’s supervising professionals.   Supervising professional, Notice, Change, Board, LAPELS, No longer
Do I have to notify the Board about violations of its laws and rules? Yes. A licensee possessing personal knowledge of a violation of the licensure laws or the rules of the Board shall report such knowledge to the Board in writing. Violation, Notify, Report, Board, Laws, Rules