Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board

Fee Schedule

Biennial Renewals Application/Reinstatement Fees
Renewal Late Fee is 50% of the Renewal Fee
Professional Engineer $120.00 Professional Engineer* $50.00
Professional Land Surveyor $120.00 Professional Engineer by Comity $180.00
Engineer Intern** $60.00 Professional Land Surveyor* $50.00
Land Surveyor Intern** $60.00 Professional Land Surveyor by Comity $180.00
Engineering Firm $120.00 Louisiana Laws of Land Surveying Exam $100.00
Land Surveying Firm $120.00 Professional Engineer Temporary Permit $180.00
Engineer or Land Surveyor Intern* $20.00
Retired Status - Professional Engineer or Surveyor $60.00 Engineering Firm or Land Surveying Firm $165.00
Inactive Status - Professional Engineer or Land Surveyor $120.00 Reinstatement of Expired Professional License $195.00
Reinstatement of Expired Intern Certification $60.00
Reinstatement of Expired Firm License $195.00
Mailing List Data:
$100 Minimum plus $100 per additional 1,000 records

Other Fees
Change Firm Name**** $25.00
NSF $25.00 plus $100.00 Administrative Fee
CPD Administrative Fee $200.00
Certificate Replacement $30.00
Public Records $0.25 per sheet plus the notary fee and postage

* A separate examination fee is paid directly to NCEES. Contact NCEES for more information.
** No applicable late fee.
**** Only if there is NO entity change. Example: If the firm remains an Inc." or an "L.L.C." If the entity changes, an Application for Firm License with a fee of $165.00 is required and a new firm license number will be issued.
****To expedite payments for Firm Name Changes, please download Form B at the following link: Payment Authorization Form